NYE 2018 (I’m staying in bed)

Well isn't it just my luck that I would come down with a cold right on New Years Eve. My throat is on fire and the sniffles are real over here you guys. If I'm being completely honest with you, feeling under the weather doesn't really impact my NYE- I'm not a huge drinker, mainly… Continue reading NYE 2018 (I’m staying in bed)


Red Head’s Are Mutants?

Hands up if you're a natural red head like myself 🙌🏻 Have you ever wondered what actually makes our hair red? Here's a little biology lesson. The cells that determine hair colour are called melanocytes, that produce a secretion called melanin.  Melanin is the pigmentation that gives our skin, hair, and eyes their color. However, in red… Continue reading Red Head’s Are Mutants?