Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my amazing subscribers & followers- you guys have no idea how much gratitude I have for you all. I hope that you're all enjoying this festive day with your family, and staying cozy! I've gotten utterly spoiled this year, and not just with gifts, but with the amount of time that… Continue reading Merry Christmas!


Christmas Pot Luck

Blogmas Day 11 For as long as I can remember every single Boxing Day my family and I would head over to which ever family members house that was hosting Christmas dinner that year. My parents are separated and have been since I was six, so I've always had my dinner with my Dad's side… Continue reading Christmas Pot Luck


Modern Gift Wrapping 101

Blogmas Day 10 This year I'm doing things differently. Usually I'm the type to use a gift bag for the presents that I give to my loved ones, but this year I'm going to take the time to wrap and individualize the gifts that I give. It feels more thoughtful when items come wrapped, probably… Continue reading Modern Gift Wrapping 101