Reading Habits Tag

Something you may not know about me is that I love reading; I follow way too many book blogs and I have an ever growing "to read" list. So when I came across this tag it seemed like the perfect fit. This tag is inspired by Ayse's blog and her reading habits tag. I recently… Continue reading Reading Habits Tag


Book of the Month Box

Attention all book worms! I've found us a monthly subscription box- and it's absolutely wonderful. I'm the type of girl that needs to hold the book in my hands, turn the pages myself, and always have way too many book marks. I never jumped on the e-book bandwagon, it just isn't me. If you can… Continue reading Book of the Month Box

Opinion Piece

13 Reasons Why is Back and This is What I Think About it

13 Reasons Why is back with a second season despite the fact that the show has been very controversial since it aired in 2017. When it comes to loving or hating the show- I'm going to give you my full uncensored opinion. Buckle up. When the first season came out, I ended up binge watching… Continue reading 13 Reasons Why is Back and This is What I Think About it