Modern Gift Wrapping 101

Blogmas Day 10 This year I'm doing things differently. Usually I'm the type to use a gift bag for the presents that I give to my loved ones, but this year I'm going to take the time to wrap and individualize the gifts that I give. It feels more thoughtful when items come wrapped, probably… Continue reading Modern Gift Wrapping 101


The Best Festive Candles

Blogmas Day 9 Hello all my holly jolly Christmas lovers! I'm back after a two day Blogmas hiatus, did you miss me? When I first announced that I was participating in Blogmas, I told you guys that I would do my best to post every single day starting December 1st until Christmas. Don't worry, I… Continue reading The Best Festive Candles


Blogmas Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

Blogmas Day 6 We're six days into Blogmas and I've been over joyed to see how many bloggers are participating this year. Have any of you run out of steam yet or have started to run into a bit of writers block? If you have, don't be ashamed or be down on yourself- I feel… Continue reading Blogmas Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers


Top 5 Favourite Christmas Movies

Blogmas Day 5 I seriously underestimated how hard this Blogmas post was going to be to write. Narrowing down all my favourite Christmas movies to just five?! Add in that I'm an extremely indecisive person and rethought my choices 348973 times.  Nevertheless we are here, I narrowed it down, and now I'm gonna break down my… Continue reading Top 5 Favourite Christmas Movies


Christmas DIY Decor Inspiration

Blogmas Day 3 I'm the type of person who decorates for the next season as soon as one ends, it's a constant never ending cycle of seasonal decor and I love it! Around Christmas time I do a ton of my decorating by buying bits and bobs from the dollar store and DIYing. It saves… Continue reading Christmas DIY Decor Inspiration


5 ways to get into the Holiday Spirit

Blogmas Day 2 Not that I'm doubting you have any trouble getting into the holiday spirit, but if you are someone who does have some trouble feeling jolly around the holidays, then hopefully by sharing what I do to get into the spirit will help you too. These are some of the things that I… Continue reading 5 ways to get into the Holiday Spirit

mental health

Count the small victories

When you're feeling down, going through a rough patch or struggling with your mental health it's extremely important to give yourself credit for the little things that you accomplish doing in a day. For those of you who struggle with mental health, you know as well as I do that on the worst days it… Continue reading Count the small victories