New Year, new blog series

This year has already kicked off with a tremendous start. So many exciting things have happened in the span of 13 days. I had my 22nd birthday, my girlfriend got promoted, bought a new car and got a new cat, things are going really well for me at work and I’m doing well saving my money- thanks to my expense tracker!

2019 has been a year of blessings so far, and I’m confident that this streak will continue with this blog. I have so many ideas that I want you all to be apart of, because (lets be honest) without you I wouldn’t feel as motivated as I do to keep creating content. You’ve all been so supportive and lovely, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to be subscribed to this blog.

When it comes down to it, at the end of the day, I want to be putting out content that you want to read and I want you to feel involved in the process as much as I am!

With a New Year brings new changes and new(ish) series! I’m going to be bringing back a series that I started when I first created my blog- Boss Babe Interviews.

In this series, I interview and get to know amazing bloggers, entrepreneurs, and in general badass powerhouse women. I am so excited to focus on bringing attention to not only other amazing and inspiring women, but to my readers as well! I want you to participate and get active within the content on my blog!

If being in the spotlight and doing a Boss Babe Interview isn’t your cup of tea, then this brand new series might be.

The second series that I’m introducing to the blog is called Girl Talk. I recently took to Twitter and asked my followers if they’d be interested in a series on the blog dedicated to Women’s Health, and the response was an overwhelming amount of yes’s!

Women’s health is something that I’m passionate about and I would love to further highlight the issues that women face in their day to day lives while also educating women on their body. Whether that be reproductive education, sexual education, or the workings of a women’s body.

Having an educational background in Biology and Physiology I want to be able to bring awareness and education to you guys about your bodies and in a way that is easy to understand.

I’m hoping that this series will be beneficial for all my female readers, and I would love for you to submit what you want to see featured in this series, nothing is off limits!

If you’re interested in being apart of either series, feel free to submit your feedback, questions, or ideas via the form below.

As always,

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