I landed my dream job!!!

I feel so blessed to be able to say that I love my job. I feel like most people go through life dreading the thought of going to work.

For me, I’ve found a career that gets me excited and gives me a purpose, and a place of work where I feel so comfortable and at home.

If there is one thing in this life that I’ve learned and want to share with you guys, it’s that nothing in life that’s worth having is going to be handed to you or easy. You have to work hard and push yourself through the moments of doubt and the moments of stress to get to the place that you want to be. I had to push through some really rough times and dig myself out of some pretty low places but it all seemed worth it looking back from where I am now.

You guys, I’m officially a registered massage therapist!!!! My registration was finalized in September (after months and months of waiting) and I landed my dream job within the same month! Talk about a lucky streak!

The wellness clinic that I work at is such a relaxing, cute, and cozy space with the best vibes in town. My colleges are the most kind and inspiring women and I honestly feel right at home and so lucky.

the window bench in my treatment room

The best part is that I’m my boss! I get to control my hours and my scheduling and I love having that freedom where I can limit my clientele if I’m not up for it or increase my availability when I’m feeling optimistic.

It’s been a month and a half since I officially started and it feels so good to finally be working in my field, knowing that getting through school and all the stress and anxiety was worth it.

Working in the healthcare industry is truly something that I’m passionate about, and massage is something I personally think is extremely misunderstood. Massage isn’t just a luxury, it’s an important aspect to your overall wellness and should definitely be worked into your daily life. But that’s a topic for another post.

There was a point in my life that I didn’t think achieving this level of success was going to be possible for me. I’m so proud of the place I’m in now and I owe a lot of my progress to my beautiful girlfriend, for pushing me to realize my potential.

Just refer to me as your official RMT!

As always,

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18 thoughts on “I landed my dream job!!!”

  1. Congrats Nicole!! That’s so exciting! I honestly didn’t know that massages are so important for wellness…I’ve never even had a professional massage haha. Anyway that is so awesome that you were able to land your dream job! Way to go. 🙂

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