Olivieri 7 Cheese Rainbow Tortellini Review

Dinner time is my favourite meal of the day, and for the longest time I completely fell off the pasta lover train.

When I spotted these noodles in the freezer I figured I’d give it a go, I do love cheese after all.

I paired the 7 cheese rainbow tortellini noodles with my favourite Classico Four Cheese Tomato Sauce and it was so delicious.

I boiled the noodles for about 8 minutes and found that they were perfect. I took the pot off of the hot element and mixed in the sauce, the heat from the noodles warmed up the sauce perfectly.

It was such a simple and easy throw together kinda meal, but it filled me right up and satisfied my taste buds!

I will admit it would have been tastier had I added Parmesan cheese, but unfortunately I didn’t have any on hand.

What’s your favourite pasta recipe?

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