Story Time

Story Time

Helping The Homeless

Today was a day that I will honestly never ever ever forget. To say that my girlfriend has the biggest and most generous heart is an understatement.

While we were running errands today, we took the highway to get to one of our destinations. When we were coming off the highway, on the shoulder of the off-ramp we saw a homeless man with a home made poster on cardboard that said “homeless, hungry, and just got out of hospital”. The man had an obvious limp, and clothes that hadn’t been washed in how knows long.

We continued driving but the image of the man just couldn’t leave my girlfriends conscious. She told me as we were driving that she frequently sees the same man, on the same corner, in the same clothes.

She decided right then and there that we were going to go and pick out some items to give to this man who was very clearly in need. First we went to Walmart and picked out a package of three simple cotton t-shirts, then we headed to Marshall’s to pick up a reusable water bottle, then lastly we stopped at McDonalds for a $20 gift card.

To us, these are things that don’t cost much but we take for granted every single day. I will never forget the look on the mans face when we handed him the bag with all the things we purchased for him inside. He was so grateful I can’t count how many times that he said thank you- but he didn’t even need to say it, the look on his face and in his eyes said it all.

My girlfriend made this man happy with the simplest things, and all from the good of her pure heart. She shed a little light today in this world full of horrible things, and I wish she knew how amazing she truly is.

Try to do one act of kindness this week, it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small- it makes a difference in somebodies life.

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