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Popular Home Decor Trends

ℹ︎ all links provided are not affiliate links  Since moving into a new house this past December, all I've been thinking about is home decor. I have been obsessed with finding the trendiest items that I can utilize while currently living here but also take with me when my girlfriend and I get our own… Continue reading Popular Home Decor Trends

Girl Talk, Health + Wellness

The Female Reproductive System: Overview

Welcome to the very first instalment in the brand new series Girl Talk. I am so excited to start this series, and bring all my female followers (or any male followers who are curious!) a wealth of information about your bodies. When it comes to women's health, and women's reproductive health it isn't researched enough,… Continue reading The Female Reproductive System: Overview


New Year, new blog series

This year has already kicked off with a tremendous start. So many exciting things have happened in the span of 13 days. I had my 22nd birthday, my girlfriend got promoted, bought a new car and got a new cat, things are going really well for me at work and I'm doing well saving my… Continue reading New Year, new blog series


How to Build an Expense Tracker

Although I didn't jump on the bandwagon and post about my new year goals, I do have quite a few that I'm hoping will stick throughout the year. One of them being to keep track of my expenses. Every year around tax season I dread learning how much I actually made compared to how much… Continue reading How to Build an Expense Tracker


Top items for when you’re Under the Weather

It's official, I'm contagious. This cold is seriously kicking my ass you guys, so today I went to a walk-in clinic where I spent 4 hours waiting to be seen by a doctor. It's seriously that time of year that everyone is coming down with some type of bug, so it was really busy. The… Continue reading Top items for when you’re Under the Weather


NYE 2018 (I’m staying in bed)

Well isn't it just my luck that I would come down with a cold right on New Years Eve. My throat is on fire and the sniffles are real over here you guys. If I'm being completely honest with you, feeling under the weather doesn't really impact my NYE- I'm not a huge drinker, mainly… Continue reading NYE 2018 (I’m staying in bed)


Luxurious Fantasy Christmas Wish List

Blogmas Day 23 Hello all my little elves! I hope that you're all feeling super festive and are anxiously anticipating the arrival of Christmas- boy that sprang up on us quick! I can't believe Christmas is just a few days away. My last Blogmas post touched on what my family is doing to stray away… Continue reading Luxurious Fantasy Christmas Wish List