Clean & Clear Acne Triple Clay Mask— Review

[ This product was sent to me complimentary from ChickAdvisor to test out and review ]For the longest time I didn't understand Hollywood's depiction of a women enjoying a face mask. You know the scene, she gets out of the shower, gets into a comfy robe, towels up her hair, and applies a face mask. I… Continue reading Clean & Clear Acne Triple Clay Mask— Review


Staying organized in style

[This post was not sponsored]Hands up if you just loooove Fringe Studio *raises hands as high as humanly possible at the height of 5'1* Fringe Studio, my dear friends, is the best company for finding the cutest stationary and decor. Here's a quick list of the category's they feature: Planners Mugs Pins & patches Pets… Continue reading Staying organized in style


Goodbye Retail

It's official!!!!! Today was my last day (ever!!!) that I had to work a retail job. Let me tell you- leaving my awesome co-workers was bitter, but moving onto the next chapter of my life and entering my career is sweeeeet. Working retail is always something that I wasn't fond of whatsoever- the only thing… Continue reading Goodbye Retail


Hershey’s VOXBOX

Okay ya'll. Hershey's and Influenster hooked your girl up. When I found out that I was picked for the #LifeisSweet campaign my mouth instantly started watering. They were kind enough to send me this box of goodies in exchange for an honest review! If you haven't heard of Hershey's or know what the heck I'm talking about… Continue reading Hershey’s VOXBOX

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I obsessed over these things in August

It's a whole new month ya'll. Where the hell did August go? I can't believe that it's already September. This year has flown by, and with it has come a lot of change and a lot of personal growth- but that's for another post. Today I wanted to let you in on what I was… Continue reading I obsessed over these things in August

Story Time

I Went to an Abandoned Old School

Does anyone know that amazing feeling you get when you can check something off of your bucket list? That rush of adrenaline when you're about to do said thing that you've worked up in your head for so long? It's easily the best and most indescribable feeling, especially when said thing is even better than… Continue reading I Went to an Abandoned Old School

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Fall Fashion Inspiration

Hello beautiful people, My name's Nicole & welcome back to my blog! If you're new here make sure to subscribe to my blog and check out all my other social media channels that will be linked down below! I hope you enjoy today's blog post ♡ The last thing that I would call my self… Continue reading Fall Fashion Inspiration


Google Chromecast Review

Google Chromecast is the best thing invented since slice bread. Am I too young to be using that phrase? Let's try this again. Google Chromecast is LIT. You know when people are going crazy over a product and everyone you know is raving about it but you just don't get the hype? This is kinda… Continue reading Google Chromecast Review

photo series

Photo Series– Our Sunflower Field Adventure

Hello to all my beautiful subscribers, and welcome to the newest series on my blog– the photo series. I'm super excited about this series for a lot of reasons but I'll just name a few. Since I started my blog it's been all about me and the products that I'm testing out and reviewing or my opinion… Continue reading Photo Series– Our Sunflower Field Adventure